424 Capital Announces Investment in VaLogic

424 Capital announced today that it has completed a significant investment in VaLogic, a leading provider of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliance software and services based in Frederick, MD. This strategic move by 424 Capital aims to expedite positive clinical outcomes by enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to focus on the research, development, and production of cutting-edge therapeutics in a compliant and effective manner.
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Neovera Strengthens its Cybersecurity Arsenal with Acquisition of 10-D Security and AppliedCS

Prominent cybersecurity and managed services provider, Neovera, announces successful acquisition of 10-D Security and AppliedCS, a sister company to 10-D. 10-D Security is a distinguished cybersecurity, risk management, IT compliance and audit assessment company, based in Kansas City, MO This strategic move marks Neovera’s commitment to expanding its capabilities and strengthening its position in the cybersecurity and compliance industries.
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Radian Generation Unites Software Portfolio Onto One Platform: Radian Digital

Radian Generation, a leading solutions provider for renewables, revealed its strategy to combine three powerful software products, LENS, GREEN IT, and GAR®, onto the company’s unified platform – Radian Digital™. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to empower the renewable energy industry by bringing comprehensive solutions to critical energy infrastructure. Read More “Radian Generation Unites Software Portfolio Onto One Platform: Radian Digital”

QE Solar Acquires Tritium

424 Capital is pleased to announce that it led a transaction in Q1 to acquire Tritium3 Renewable Services (“Tritium”) of Honolulu, HI on behalf of its portfolio company, QE Solar (“QE”). With the acquisition of Tritium, QE has extended its service line to utility-scale solar infrastructure and materially expanded its services in the high-growth Battery Energy Storage Systems (“BESS”) market.

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BroadcastMed Acquires Texere

BroadcastMed proudly announces the acquisition of Texere Publishing Ltd., an esteemed leader providing B2B media services to audiences in the UK, Europe, and the US. This strategic move underscores BroadcastMed’s unwavering commitment being the leading healthcare marketplace to provide trusted clinical content, powerful engagement and industry insights to healthcare professionals, medical institutions and manufacturers, service providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

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Allegiance Group and The Pursuant Group Announce Merger to Create Comprehensive Solution for Nonprofits

Rich Aukland, CEO of Allegiance Group, and Trent Ricker, CEO and President of The Pursuant Group, are excited to announce the merger of their respective companies. This union brings together two industry-leading organizations with a shared vision to provide comprehensive and scalable services for nonprofits. By combining their expertise in technology, analytics, marketing and fundraising strategy, they aim to create a formidable alliance that will better serve the needs of nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

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Environ Energy Acquires Best Practice Energy

Environ, an energy management company specializing in sustainability consulting services and carbon reduction services, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Best Practice Energy, (BPE), an important industry innovator whose data-driven, progressive approach to energy procurement strategies and management drives significant value for clients. BPE currently works with leading manufacturing and technology companies, healthcare organizations and a wide range of commercial enterprises.

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