Achieving Outsized Potential

We can help.

We look for investments with order of magnitude
opportunity, and support accelerated growth for companies on a mission. The strategies we develop and implement in partnership with our portfolio companies are designed to get them to their destination. We think in 10x frameworks. In successfully counseling, coaching, and investing, we help our portfolio companies reach their full potential.

Invest and Capitalize For Growth

424 Capital makes control investments and may bring in other debt or equity to ensure the financing is structured to support meaningful expansion. We work hard to create investment offers that honor management for their accomplishments and also align all stakeholders for the future.

Enterprise Value Creation Plan

We do whatever it takes to help our portfolio companies reach the next level. Our dedicated team of professionals work with senior management to develop a comprehensive and research-driven Enterprise Value Creation Plan for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Strategic Finance Group (SFG)

Our Strategic Finance Group includes three members of the investment team dedicated to supporting Financial Planning and Analysis of each of our portfolio companies. Our unmatched and extensive financial support enables enhanced forecasting, transparency, predictability, situational analysis, downside protection, and informed board-level decision making – as well as seamless integration of acquisitions.

Strategic Acquisitions/Corporate Development

We source, diligence, finance and close 100% of our companies’ follow-on acquisitions – allowing management to stay focused on growing their business. Typically, we complete between 1-5 add-on acquisitions during our investment holding period. Our goal is to build value through utilizing our proprietary database of acquisition targets as well as deep market research to identify strategic opportunities. 

Sales and Marketing

We provide deep operational and sales/marketing expertise to scale organic growth by providing tactical analysis, defining sales cycles and stages, increasing efficiencies, creating budgets and benchmarks and establishing and chairing a Sales and Marketing Committee at each of our platform companies. 

Human Capital

A company’s greatest assets are its people. That’s why we are driven to build exemplary company boards designed to help get our portfolio companies to their desired destination. We recruit independent directors with the highest level of market-specific experience and creativity. We invest in the success of our management teams by fostering their skills and talents to grow as managers

Generating a Successful Outcome 

Before making an investment, we begin working with founders and CEOs to identify the long game. Our Value Creation Plan outlines a path to support the greatest exit valuation. We believe that sharing in the vision and establishing full transparency creates a mutually beneficial end goal for both partners.  Our goal: to support our companies in creating a positive and lasting change in their fields and while delivering superior shareholder value.