Aligning our personal values with our investments

Value-based governance practices

At 424 Capital we have a strong bias for leading businesses focused on social and environmental concerns that leave a positive mark on their customers, employees and communities. In our experience, responsible investing and value-based governance practices improve company performance and build long-term value for our shareholders.

Legacy of positive impact

We strive to thematically source socially responsible investments and we believe such investments also warrant a premium financial valuation upon exit. We seek visionaries who exemplify the highest standards of values, integrity, honesty, and who are committed to putting their stamp on the world by leaving a legacy of positive impact.

We do this by:


We strive for Integration by considering ESG factors (risks and opportunities) in our analysis of investments and decision-making processes.


We are committed to the active ownership and accountability of our portfolio companies through the Incorporation of ESG factors into our ownership policies and practices.


We are committed to Engagement using our position to promote diversity and governance improvements.


We are committed to seeking appropriate Disclosure on ESG issues for the entities in which we invest by creating transparency into these issues.


We are committed to promoting acceptance and Implementation of ESG factors within the investment industry.


We pledge to Report on our activities and progress towards implementing of each of the above commitments.