HR 424: Alpha Ursae Minoris, Polaris, North Star

Navigating Success Together

For thousands of years, the North Star has been used by voyagers as a navigation tool, distinguishing true north and illuminating a guiding path in the intended direction. Similarly, 424 Capital acts as the True North for our portfolio companies, elevating, navigating, and guiding potential market leaders to their destination. 

Just as one can always rely on finding the North Star in the night sky, our partners can always count on 424 Capital to help navigate the path to success. We share the vision, we chart the course, and we embark on the journey of accelerated growth together.

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We Build Market Leaders

Helping you Think Big

As partners, we will work with you to develop a strategy that outlines your company’s individual path towards achieving organic and acquisitive revenue growth, scaling EBITDA, crafting effective boards, and ultimately realizing a successful vision for all shareholders.

Strategy Meets Mission

Making a Positive Impact

At 424 Capital, we believe in aligning our personal values with our investment assets. The core of our ethos is investing in companies that are making a difference in the world by using our resources to help them thrive.

A History of Excellence

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Meet The Partners

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