TAMPA, Fla.May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BroadcastMed, the leading healthcare information marketplace that provides trusted clinical content, powerful engagement, and industry insights to healthcare professionals (HCPs), medical institutions and manufacturers, service providers, and pharmaceutical companies, is thrilled to announce the launch of Conexiant, a comprehensive brand and destination that unites trusted medical content and engagement from Aegis, Digitell, Harborside, PentaVision, Texere Publishing and the original BroadcastMed business. This strategic consolidation introduces a new network for clinical connectivity and continuous knowledge expansion, fostering a unified community that bridges the gap in access to interdisciplinary content.

Unified Network of Services

The new brand, Conexiant, is redefining the experience for HCPs by leveraging its core strengths in content innovation. Combining unparalleled medical expertise and advanced technology, Conexiant stands poised to lead the future of healthcare communications and education.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us, as we build upon the rich legacies of industry leadership that each of our businesses has achieved,” said Charlie Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Conexiant. “This solid foundation empowers us to unify our business under a single brand and identity, dedicated to serving healthcare, advancing medical knowledge, enhancing patient care, and fostering professional development.”

A New Era of Healthcare Connectivity and Precision

Drawing on over three decades of collective experience and representing more than 30 industry-leading publication titles across multiple specialties, Conexiant’s unified network reaches an expansive audience of over 2.6 million HCPs across diverse specialties, ensuring unparalleled access and connectivity across the healthcare landscape.

Conexiant offers a content-rich experience:

  • Personalized Content: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, information is tailored to fit the unique needs of various medical specialties, offering personalized, relevant, and actionable information.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The extensive network covers a vast array of therapeutic areas, offering insights into the latest medical research, clinical practices, and healthcare regulations.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Going beyond traditional news delivery, the platform offers professionals an immersive learning experience. It features a comprehensive content library and a dynamic hub for clinical and educational resources, fostering interactive and engaging professional development.
  • Expansion and Innovation: Entering multiple adjacent specialties, and adopting a more focused approach in international markets, Conexiant is providing the highest level of engagement in a bespoke experience.

“As we take this exciting step forward, I am proud of how we’ve harnessed years of data and cutting-edge AI and Machine-Learning technologies to create a unique, high-quality experience for healthcare providers,” said Lee Schweizer, Chief Digital Officer, Conexiant. “Our unified brand will provide innovative user journeys and keep professionals informed with breaking news and in-depth analysis. Now, we can serve as a single stop for professionals, connecting them with thought leaders, a vibrant community, larger healthcare systems, and industry partners.”

Optimized Engagement Solutions Tailored for the Healthcare Industry

By partnering with Conexiant, clients can engage audiences at a specialty or topic-specific level on the network or use fully branded platforms that extend their business, enhancing interaction, engagement, and educational experiences. This allows healthcare businesses to focus on strategic initiatives rather than operational logistics, reducing the need for multiple vendors and streamlining production, distribution, and engagement processes.

“We are proud of the team’s efforts in the transformation of BroadcastMed into Conexiant,” said Brennan Mulcahey, BroadcastMed’s Chair of the Board and Partner at 424 Capital. “This evolution embodies the strategic vision we had when combining this portfolio of businesses together. It is a testament to the hard work and expertise of the entire team, and we look forward to continuing to support their innovative efforts as they lead the way in delivering exceptional value to healthcare providers and industry partners alike.”

Invitation to Experience the New Conexiant

Conexiant warmly invites the healthcare industry to explore the enriched capabilities and enhanced functionalities of its newly launched network. HCPs can enjoy the latest clinical information and breaking news as it happens, clients can expect a significant enhancement in how they connect with and engage healthcare providers.

Visit to learn more:

Healthcare Professionals: https://conexiant.com/.

Industry Partners: https://conexiant.com/pr.

About Conexiant

Conexiant is a premier global healthcare destination, renowned for its trusted clinical content, extensive audience engagement, and comprehensive educational library. The integrated platform, encompassing digital solutions, events, learning, and publications, fosters enhanced dialogue, connectivity, and outcomes for over 2.6 million healthcare practitioners and those looking to engage with them. Conexiant builds a community of the largest and most sought-after healthcare audiences, leveraging an industry-leading portfolio of brands and solutions. By driving effective marketing, education, and engagement strategies, clients are empowered to reach their target audience and maximize their return on investment. For more information, visit https://conexiant.com.