BroadcastMed proudly announces the acquisition of Texere Publishing Ltd., an esteemed leader providing B2B media services to audiences in the UK, Europe, and the US. This strategic move underscores BroadcastMed’s unwavering commitment being the leading healthcare marketplace to provide trusted clinical content, powerful engagement and industry insights to healthcare professionals, medical institutions and manufacturers, service providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

With this acquisition, BroadcastMed expands its total reach to over 3 million healthcare professionals across 16 adult specialties and 10 pediatric specialties worldwide. The official announcement was made today, supported by the strategic partnership with growth capital firm 424 Capital.

“Texere is thrilled to join forces with the innovators at BroadcastMed to better serve scientific and healthcare providers globally,” said Andrew Davies, Texere Publishing’s Co-Founder and CEO, “Joining forces with BroadcastMed aligns with our vision for growth and expands our reach by leveraging our combined expertise and resources to deliver even greater value to our audience and partners.”

BroadcastMed’s dedication to providing physicians and allied healthcare professionals with unparalleled content and leading-edge digital solutions align seamlessly with Texere’s commitment to reporting on the latest research, societal impact, professional development, career, and business issues. This shared vision between BroadcastMed and Texere aims to improve patient outcomes through industry-leading clinical content.

“This acquisition furthers BroadcastMed’s remarkable growth trajectory, as the company continues to expand the global conversation on healthcare,” stated Peter Gailey, President of BroadcastMed. “Our acquisition of Texere widens BroadcastMed’s global reach and enhances the company’s impact, not only within the healthcare sector but also among audiences in the science and technology fields.”

About Texere Publishing
Texere Publishing is a specialist B2B media business dedicated to serving professionals in scientific and healthcare markets with the most engaging content. The company transforms complex subject matter into accessible but high-quality content that connects traditionally disparate communities and regions of the globe. For more information on Texere Publishing’s portfolio and services, visit The acquisition provides an exit for Texere’s investors Mercia and AXM Venture Capital, both of which invested in 2012 from the North West Fund.

About BroadcastMed
BroadcastMed is an innovative healthcare media company with an unwavering commitment to elevating and expanding the global dialogue on healthcare to improve patient outcomes. BroadcastMed helps the world’s leading hospitals, medical devices, medical education, association, and pharmaceutical companies create and distribute trusted clinical and medical content to physicians and allied healthcare professionals. For more information about BroadcastMed, visit

About 424 Capital
424 Capital is a growth capital partner that invests in lower middle-market companies with technology and tech-enabled services. Focusing primarily on investments in healthcare and renewable energy, we invest in, empower, and enable companies to step up, stand out, and make a difference in the world. For more information about 424 Capital, visit